Thursday, March 21, 2019

Fourth Double for Yotam Shmuelov

Level  22
Blinds: 10000-20000 with a 20000 bb ante
Remaining: 13/440

Axel Werner opens for 45,000 and Yotam Shmuelov slows the pace with a pay jump looming. Shmuelov eventually puts out 140,000, leaving himself a single red 5000-chip behind as a card protector.

Action folds back to Werner who puts out 145,000, thinking Shmuelov is all in, but the dealer kicks back a 5k chip and off to the flop they go.


Werner immediately flips out a 5k chip and Shmuelov tanks. Sandeep Pulusani calls clock and James Carroll calls for Matt Savage. A brief discussion takes place about how fast the clock was called, with Savage replying to Shmuelov.

"You know why they did this, right?" Shmuelov nods in agreement and puts out the chip.

Shmuelov- [Ad][Qd] for TopTop
Werner - [6c][6s] for 2nd pair

The board goes [Kd][Jd] and Shmuelov doubles for the fourth time in the last two hours, moving to 300,000, Werner drops to the same stack.