Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Maria Ho survives but still short

Tony Tran (right) winces as the river completes Maria Ho's (left) flush
Level 5
Blinds: 200-400 with a 400 bb ante
Entries: 360

After a limp by Matt Affleck, Maria Ho pushed her 1,400 remaining chips in the pot. There was a raise and then a reraise by Tony Tran which cleared the field.

Maria [Ac][6c]
Tony [Ks][Qd]

Before the cards were exposed, Maria pointed out her 3 blind all in was not representative of a big hand, but she indeed got it in good. The [8d][Kc][3d] changed anything, and now Maria would need to hit an ace to survive. The [8c] on the turn gave Maria more outs to a flush and she said to the dealer, "I really want this." The dealer obliged by placing the [7c] on the river, and Maria has nearly tripled up.