Sunday, March 17, 2019

Recent eliminations: 19th-27th Place

19th Place: Tyler Patterson ($3,680)
Action has heated up, and in a matter of a level or two, another nine players fell. The field has been trimmed to the final 18 players who are now guaranteed $4,405. Here are the recent eliminations:

19th Place: Tyler Patterson ($3,680)
20th Place: Sovann Sin ($3,680)
21st Place: Michael Nguyen ($3,680)
22nd Place: Yanki Koppel ($2,990)
23rd Place: Lokesh Manohar ($2,990)
24th Place: Ken Hyunh ($2,990)
25th Place: Moshe Gavrieli ($2,575)
26th Place: Nelson Resenoiz ($2,575)
27th Place: Alex Yi ($2,575)