Sunday, March 17, 2019

Recent eliminations: 28th-36th Place ($2,175)

33rd Place: Steven Tabb ($2,175)
With the elimination of Triet Nguyen in 28th place, the remaining 27 players have redrawn for seats at the final 3 tables. They will all earn at least $2,575 while the recent eliminations have earned $2,175:

28th Place: Triet Nguyen ($2,175)
29th Place: Nam Thanh Le ($2,175)
30th Place: Daniel Maor ($2,175)
31st Place: Andres Tamberg ($2,175)
32nd Place: Rajesh Saini ($2,175)
33rd Place: Steven Tabb ($2,175)
34th Place: Zhi Jiang ($2,175)
35th Place: William Murray ($2,175)
36th Place: Daniel Sepiol ($2,175)