Sunday, March 17, 2019

Recent eliminations: 37th-45th Place

43rd Place: David Forster ($1,800)
With the elimination of Jesus Munoz in 37th place, a table has been broken and all remaining 36 players are guaranteed $2,175. The following players have all earned $1,800 for their efforts:

37th Place: Jesus Munoz ($1,800)
38th Place Ronald Lewis ($1,800)
39th Place: Cristostomo Szwed ($1,800)
40th Place: David Erisman ($1,800)
41st Place: Danny Le ($1,800)
42nd Place: Hyun Kim ($1,800)
43rd Place: David Forster ($1,800)
44th Place: Chuc Nguyen ($1,800)
45th Place: Carlo Castagnetto ($1,800)