Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Shooting Star Knocks Out Shooting Star

Level 10
Blinds: 600-1200 with a 1200 bb ante
Entries: 440

There's a three-way all-in at one of the back tables, with the shortest stack of the three - Shooting Star Kitty Kuo - in with [As][Ad] - up against Shooting Star Joe Stapleton's [Ah][Kh] and a third challenger's [Td][Th]

[6s][9c][6h] gives Kuo and the challenger two pair, a backdoor flush draw for Stapes.

[4h] turn and Stapes is one away from a runner-runner runout.

Runout complete with the [5h] and Kuo's bounty goes to Stapes, who also collects 110,000 in chips.