Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shooting Star Moshin Charania Doubles Twice

Level 16
Blinds: 3000-5000 with a 5000 bb ante
Remaining: 76/440

All in with Queens against the Kings of Casey McCarrel, Shooting Star Moshin Charania is going to need help to remain in the tournament.

[9d][Jh][Ts] adds an open-ended straight draw that fills on the [Kd] turn. The river blank gives Charania a full double on one of the last hands before break.

Back in again a few hands after returning from break, Charania has [Ah][9s] against his challenger's [As][Qs]

[3c][5h][8d][5c] changes nothing at all, but the [9s] river is another double.

Moshin Charania - 170,000