Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shooting Star Pat Lyons Crippled, Then Eliminated

After a Pat Lyons open, a player 3-bet and Pat made the call. The [2d][9c][5s] flop saw a check from Pat, and the raiser moved all in. Pat made the call, and it was a cooler situation with Pat's [Ks][Kh] running into [Ad][Ac]. The [6d] turn and [3s] river meant Pat would ship most of his stack across the table.

An orbit or so later, Pat got the rest of his chips in against three players. One of those players bet on the [Ks][5c][2c][4h] board forcing folds from the other two, and the hands were revealed:

Pat [6d][5d]
Opponent [Kh][Ts]

Pat had a pair and a straight draw so he had many outs to survive, but the [9c] wasn't one of them. Pat jokingly moved the river card aside and asked the dealer to keep going before graciously signing his bounty shirt for his opponent.