Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shooting Star Pat Lyons Doubles Up

Level 14
Blinds: 1500-3000 with a 3000 bb ante
Remaining: 94/440

There's an open to 11,000, then Shooting Star Pay Lyons moves in for his last 98,500. Action folds around to the original raiser who pauses, and Lyons goes in to his traditional non-stop banter.

"I really need a call. Go ahead and take your time. Bay Area's best player here," and more from Lyons as about 90 seconds tick off before the call comes from the challenger.

Lyons - [Ah][Qh]
Challenger - [Ts][Th]

The all-diamonds [3d][Td][Jd] flop gives the challenger a set, and neither player has a diamond draw.

Lyons calls for "King of Diamonds," on the turn.

[Kd] is the turn.

[8h] river and Lyons doubles to 200,000.