Monday, March 9, 2020

5th Place: Hieu Le ($10,400)

It was a combination of two hands that eliminated Hieu Le.

In the first, Hieu opened before Dustin Wood moved all in. Hieu made the call holding [Ks][Js] and was in bad shape against Dustin's [Qh][Qc]. The [2d][7c][9c][9h][Td] board failed to improve Hieu's hand, and he shipped most of his stack over to Dustin.

A few hands later, he got the rest of his chips in holding [7s][3s] on a [6d][Ks][5s] board. Hieu had tons of outs with his straight and flush draws against Wilson Chan's [Ad][Kc]. But the [Qd] turn and [8c] river failed to deliver on those draws.

Hieu will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $10,400.