Thursday, March 12, 2020

John Andress takes from Chino Rheem

John Andress raised preflop from under the gun and got three calls including Chino Rheem in the small blind and Kristen Bickness in the big blind. Action checked to John on a [Kc][Qd][6h] flop and he c-bet, and only Chino called. The [Td] brought another check-call from Chino. When the [4s] hit the river, Chino checked once more and faced a 225,000 bet from John.

Chino mulled over his decision for minutes while talking through the hand, telling John he could beat "aces and ace-king, but that's it." After almost mucking and almost calling, Chino finally called to see the bad news. John had flopped a set with his [Qs][Qh], which is the hand Chino had predicted John had. Chino chided himself for calling, saying, "I hate when I know exactly what they have and I pay them anyways."

Watch a video of some of the action below.