Sunday, March 8, 2020

Loni Harwood loses one

We arrived at Loni Harwood's table to see her raise under the gun to 2,700. Both the button and the small blind called to see the [6d][9h][5d] flop. Action checked to Loni who bet out 4,500, only to see the button fold. But the small blind elected for a check-raise to 13,000 which Loni called. The [6s] saw the small blind lead for a smaller 11,500 which Loni again called. The river fell the [Ks] and the small blind moved all in for 30,100. Loni thought about her decision for a bit before letting it go, leaving her with a still above-average 86,000.

69 players now remain, and Kristy Arnett was seen exiting the tournament area as this hand was completing.