Wednesday, March 11, 2020

McCarrel Takes from Elias

There's 17,000 in the pot by the river and Shooting Star Darren Elias makes it 7,000 to go on the [Qs] [8d] [3c] [Qd] board.

Joe Ranciato takes a fair amount of time, counting his stack out to ~44,000, before sending his cards to the muck. Casey McCarrel takes a similar amount of time but makes the call.

The river comes out [8c] and Elias - winner of yesterday's $2,100 Shooting Star prelim for $60k - takes his time this time around before tossing out two red 5k chips.

McCarrel - the final table bubble at yesterday's WPT Rolling Thunder $5k Main Event - adds to the clock-burning before tossing out a call.

Elias shows JT for a missed gutter to a straight, McCarrel shows Kings and takes the pot to move up to 100,000.

Elias slides back to 23,000.