Thursday, March 12, 2020

Mohan Eliminates Villa, Moves to a Milly

Level: 16
Blinds: 3000.5000 with a big blind ante of 5000
Players: 34 remaining from 290 entries

Navin Mohan opens for 12,000, Baltazar Villa 3-bets to 45,000, action folds back around to Mohan and he moves all-in to put Villa at risk.

Villa opts to call off his stack, after a short amount of internal debate.

[Ac] [Qs] for Villa
[Kh] [Kc] for Mohan

Villa picks up a Broadway draw on the [Td] [Ks] [Qd] flop, Mohan improving to a set.

[2c] on the turn offers no change, and as if he needed it, Mohan goes quads with the river [Kd].

Villa is eliminated in 35th place, cashing for $9,040.

Mohan becomes the first player to reach seven-figures, sitting now at 1,050,000.