Thursday, March 12, 2020

Sean Marshall Eliminates One

Level 15
Blinds 2000.4000 with a big blind ante of 4000
Players: 43 remaining from 290 entries

Sean Marshall opens, a short-stacked player moves in for 6BB, Chino Rheem makes the call and Marshall adds enough chips to complete a call as well.

Marshall and Rheem check down the [Tc] [9c] [4c] flop and the [5s] turn, but Marshall bets out 25,000 on the fourth Club [7c]. Rheem pauses, checks his cards, mumbles out, "you better have it," and mucks.

Marshall shows [Kc] [Qs], prompting the all-in player to toss his cards forward, the [Ah] landing face-up atop the muck and the [Qc] landing face-up atop Marshall's cards.

Marshall moves to 385,000