Thursday, March 12, 2020

Shooting Star Chino Rheem Pops Money Bubble

Level: 16
Blinds: 3000.5000 with a big blind ante of 5000
Players: 37 remaining from 290 entries

Phaly Nou moves in for his last 61,000 on the second money-bubble hand, drawing calls from two of the tournament's big stacks in Chino Rheem and Navin Mohan.

[3c] [Jd] [Tc] goes the flop, Rheem leads out for 45,000 and Mohan mucks face up - but the cards go away before I can see what they were.

Queens for Rheem, up against the Ace_King of Nou.

The board runs out Ten_Five and Nou is eliminated on the money bubble, the remaining 37 players are in the money.

Rheem regains the chiplead at 950,000 after this hand and the previous one where he took a 250,000 pot with Kings to chip down Sean Marshall.