Thursday, March 12, 2020

Shooting Star Darren Elias on a Major Heater

Starting today with 3BB, Shooting Star Darren Elias doubled on the first Day 2 hand, found another double an orbit later, and soon thereafter it was Matt Savage on the mic announcing yet another Elias double.

Having worked his way up to 85,000 - that's 13x on the day to you and me - Elias gets his stack in the middle one more time, racing against Shooting Star James Carroll.

[3c] [3s] for Elias against the [Qd] [Ts] of Carrol, and he needs to keep his ShortStackNinja RunGoodMojo going as the flop is [Td] [Th] [Kc]

Yep, he did it again, the turn is [3d] for a boat, the river [2h] locking up the double.

Carroll, meanwhile, slips to only one SB and is all in dark the very next hand, with Elias leading three others to create a sidepot.

[3c] [Ts] [5c] goes the flop, Elias leads for 5,000, is repopped to 13,000 and he calls the raise.

Both players check the [7c] turn, Elias adding 30,000 on the [Qd] river, enticing a fold.

Elias shows [As] [2d] for air that wins the sidepot, and now it is time for Carrol to finally look at his cards.

[2h] [9c] and Elias picks up both pots.

From 6,500 to 215,000 in one hour - the new definition of a true heater as Elias has gone 33x in today's first level of play.