Thursday, March 12, 2020

Shooting Star Kristen Bicknell Doubles Through Mike Matusow

Level: 18
Blinds: 3000.6000 and a big blind ante of 6000
Players: 17 remaining from 290 entries

We pick up action on the river - 300,000 already in the pot - with Shooting Star Mike Matusow leading out for 150,000, the board reading [9s] [Jh] [7h] [2h] [6d], and Kristen Bicknell debating her options.

Bicknell opts to move all in and Matusow asks for a count (355,000). As Matusow debates, Chino Rheem comes over and receives a verbal reprimand from Matt Savage after Rheem fires out more a few expletives and a derogatory comment directed at Matusow.

Matusow calls and Bicknell turns up [Kh] [Th] for a King-high flush. The hand is clearly good FTW, as Matusow sits staring at the board, but he refuses to table or release his hand. Savage calls for the hand to be shown, and after a few more seconds, Matusow turns up [Ah] [Jc].

Bicknell moves to 1 million, Matusow slips to 230,000