Thursday, March 12, 2020

Shooting Star Tyler Patterson Chips Up

Level: 16
Blinds: 3000.5000 with a big bind ante of 5000
Players: 30 remaining from 290 entries

A big pot is already established between Shooting Star Tyler Patterson and Taylor Von Kriegenbergh on the [3d] [7h] [9h] flop.

Patterson leads out for 22,000 more on the [Ks] turn, only to see Von Kriegenbergh make it 50,000. Patterson pauses a moment, asks for a count, then cuts out calling chips and places them in the pot.

River is [9s] and Von Kriegenbergh makes it 115,000. The pause is a bit longer this time before Patterson makes the call.

Von Kriegenbergh starts to muck, then turns up [8c] [Tc] for an open-ended straight draw that bricked the turn and river.

Patterson shows he turned 73o preflop in to a flopped bottom two that holds FTW.

Patterson moves to 730,000, Von Kriegenbergh to 340,000