Thursday, March 12, 2020

Tony Tran Eliminates Michael Hahn

Level 14
Blinds 2000.3000 with 3000 ante
Players 48 remaining from 290 entries

Shooting Star Joe Nguyen is in the BB and Tony Tran jokes before the cards come out that he plans to go after the $2,000 bounty on Nguyen.

Tran (pictured) opens for 16,000, action folds over to Michael Hahn who pauses, checks the scoreboard and places out a stack of 12 5k chips for a raise to 60,000. Everyone else steps aside (no bounty-win on this one, folks) and then Tran takes pause.

"Did I bet that?" Tran asks, seeming confused as why there's three 5k's and a single 1k chip in front of his cards. Tran apparently misclicked, meaning to raise to 8,000 with three 1k's and a single 5k, but he inadvertently reversed the chip-order.

"Well, I'm all in," he says and Hahn snap-calls-off his stack.

[Ah] [Kh] for Hahn but he ran in to a misclicked [Ac] [Ad] of Tran.

The board runs out [Th] [8h] [9s] [3c] [9c] and Hahn is eliminated.

Trean, who on Tuesday collected $279k for winning the WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event, moves to 400,000.