Tuesday, March 10, 2020

$2k Final Results

$214,150 PRIZE POOL
Place Name Prize
1 Darren Elias $60,700 *
2 Danny Wong $53,870 *
3 Tristan Shi $26,130
4 Florian Duta $17,670
5 Francis Cervantes $13,380
6 Martin Zamani $10,710
7 Ignacio Sanchez $9,420
8 Pat Lyons $8,570
9 Anthony Yagobi $7,280
10 Qi Hu $6,420
* denotes heads up deal made (original payouts: $72,810 & $41,760)

1st Place: Darren Elias ($60,700)

While on break after a few hands of heads up, Darren Elias and Danny Wong discussed and agreed to a deal. Darren will win the trophy and take home $60,700 for 1st place while Danny will collect $53,870 for his 2nd place finish.

2nd Place: Danny Wong ($53,870)

Heads up chip counts on break

The final two players are now on a 10 minute break. Only a few hands have transpired since heads up began, and here are current chip counts:

Darren Elias - 1,310,000
Danny Wong - 850,000

When play resumes, blinds will be 20,000/40,000 with a 40,000 ante/

3rd Place: Tristan Shi ($26,130)

From the button, Tristan Shi moved all in for 555,000 at 15,000/30,000 blinds. Darren Elias moved all in over the top from the small blind and Danny Wong folded his big blind.

Tristan [As][6s]
Darren [7d][7c]

The [Td][Kc][Tc] flop gave Tristan six outs, and the [9d] turn gave him three more outs. But the [5d] river was not what Tristan wanted, and he will exit this tournament in 3rd place. Tristan collects $26,130 for his efforts.

Darren Elias exerts pressure

Tristan Shi limped in from the button for 30,000 and Darren Elias completed the small blind. Danny Wong made it 135,000 to go from the big blind and Tristan folded before Darren called. The flop fell [6h][4d][3h] and Darren quickly checked to Danny. Danny bet 95,000 and Darren moved all in for 470,000. Danny went into the tank but eventually folded, giving Darren a nice pot without a showdown. Play will continue three handed.

Tristan Shi doubles through Danny Wong

Tristan Shi raised from the button and Darren Elias folded the small blind. Danny Wong moved all in from the big blind and Tristan snap called all in for less.

Tristan [Qs][Qh]
Danny [As][2s]

The board ran out [2c][7h][Kc][9d][4c] to keep the queens in front, and Tristan will earn a full doubleup.

Three handed chip counts

The final three players are now on break. When they return, the blinds will be 10,000/20,000 with a 20,000 big blind ante. Here are updated chip counts:

Darren Elias - 1,100,000
Danny Wong - 800,000
Tristan Shi - 280,000

4th Place: Florian Duta ($17,670)

Florian Duta was all in preflop holding [Ac][Qh] and was up against the [Ad][Kd] of Darren Elias. The board ran out [3s][Ah][8c][4d][3c] to keep Darren's king kicker in front, and Florian will exit this tourament in 4th place. He will collect $17,670 for his efforts.

5th Place: Francis Cervantes ($13,380)

Francis Cervantes was all in preflop holding [8h][7c] and was up against Darren Elias's [Kd][Td]. The board ran out [7h][Ad][Jd][3h][Th] to give Darren the winning pair of tens. Francis will exit this tournament in 5th place, good for $13,380.

6th Place: Martin Zamani ($10,710) & 7th Place: Ignacio Sanchez ($9,420)

Martin Zamani
It was a three way all in that resulted in a double knockout.

Danny Wong [Ah][Jh]
Martin Zamani [Qs][Js]
Ignacio Sanchez [7d][7c]

The board ran out [3h][5c][6h][Ad][8c] to give Danny the winning pair of aces. His chip stack covers both players, so there was a double knockout. Martin started the hand with more chips, so he will earn the higher payout of $10,710 for 6th place, while Igancio will earn $9,420 for 7th place.

8th Place: Pat Lyons ($8,570)

Pat Lyons was all in for not much more than the big blind and Florian Duta made the call:

Pat [Ac][7c]
Florian [9h][4d]

The board ran out [8c][Ah][9c][2s][4s] to give Florian a rivered two pair. Pat had flopped top pair and a flush draw but lost as an 88% favorite. Pat will earn $8,570 for his 8th place finish today.

9th Place: Anthony Yagobi ($7,280)

Anthony Yagobi was all in preflop holding pocket fours and was racing against his opponent's [As][Qc]. The board ran out [7c][6c][5s][2c][Kc] to give Anthony's opponent the winning flush. He will be eliminated in 9th place, good for $7,280.

Final table reached

The final table has been reached in the $2,100 event. Play will resume at 5,000/10,000 blinds with a 10,000 big blind ante. Here are chip counts and seating assignments:

Seat 1: Martin Zamani - 440,000
Seat 2: Florian Duta - 130,000
Seat 3: Darren Elias - 203,000
Seat 4: Danny Wong - 350,000
Seat 5: Anthony Yagobi - 47,000
Seat 6: Francis Cervantes - 415,000
Seat 7: Pat Lyons - 190,000
Seat 8: Ignacio Sanchez - 100,000
Seat 9: Tristan Shi - 290,000

10th Place: Qi Hu ($6,420)

Alex Greenblatt is the bubble boy

Action folded to Alex Greenblatt in the small blind who moved all in for around 100,000. Danny Wong in the big blind called with a covering stack and the cards were on their backs:

Alex [Kc][2c]
Danny [Ah][8s]

The [8c][9h][Kd] gave Alex top pair and Danny bottom pair. The [3h] turn changed nothing, but the [8h] river gave Danny trips to send Alex to the rail.

The remaining 10 players are now in the money and will combine to a final table at 9 players.

Hand for hand has begun

There are 11 players remaining in today's $2,100 event and that means that the two tables are now playing hand for hand. When the next player is eliminated, the final 10 will be in the money.

Shannon Shorr eliminated

Shannon Shorr was exiting the tournament and king-queen was face up in front of his seat. His opponent had ace-queen in front of him and there was an ace on the board. Shannon got 2nd place in this tournament last year, but this year he will go out just shy of the bubble.

Martin Zamani eliminates Alex Foxen

Martin Zamani
On the river with the board reading 5-5-6-4-8, Alex Foxen is allin against Martin Zamani's larger stack. Alex flips over 9-7 for a rivered straight, but Martin flopped a full house with his pocket sixes. With Alex's elimination, Martin chips up to just under 400,000. The tournament will now combined to two tables as just 18 players now remain.

Updated chip counts at break

Shannon Shorr is looking to improve on last year's 2nd place finish in this tournament
Just 23 players remain in today's $2,100 event, and they are now on a 10 minute break. When play resumes, blinds will be 3,000/5,000 with a 5,000 ante. Here are updated chip counts for our notable players:

Martin Zamani - 222,000
Darren Elias - 221,000
Alex Greenblatt - 169,000
Pat Lyons - 102,000
Alex Foxen - 96,000
Shannon Shorr - 72,000

Loni Harwood has been eliminated

We didn't see the action, but Loni Harwood was seen exiting the tournament area. According to Martin Zamani, he busted Loni with pocket queens against pocket sixes. Martin sits on a stack of approximately 130,000, more than double the tournament average.

Alex Foxen gives it up

On a [4c][8s][2c] flop, the big blind check-called a bet from Alex Foxen. The [7d] landed on the turn and again Alex bet after being checked to. The big blind called to see the [2h] where he eventually moved all in for 17,000. With only around 20,000 behind, Alex was pained and eventually folded the hand.

Play continues at 1,500/3,000 with a 3,000 big blind ante.

Photos from around the room

Loni Harwood
Kristen Bicknell folds
Hiroaki Hirada

$2k Prize Pool & Payouts

Event #2 $2,100 Shooting Star received a total of 77 players and 32 add-ons, creating a $214,150 prize pool. The top 10 places will be paid, with first prize worth $72,810. Here are the full payouts:

1st Place: $72,810
2nd Place: $41,760
3rd Place: $26,130
4th Place: $17,670
5th Place: $13,380
6th Place: $10,710
7th Place: $9,420
8th Place: $8,570
9th Place: $7,280
10th Place: $6,420

First break of the day

Players are now on their first break of the day. Currently 67 players are registered with registration closing at the end of the break. When play resumes, blinds will be 300/600 with a 600 big blind ante.

Alex Foxen takes one early

On a 5-6-7 flop, the small blind bet 200 and Alex Foxen raised to 700. His opponent called to see a king on the turn, and check called a 1,000 bet from Alex. The river eight brought a couple of checks, and the small blind said, "I only have this," and showed an eight. Alex showed 6-7 for two pair to collect a small pot in the first level of the day.

$2k Event is under way

Cards are in the air for Event #2, the $2,100 Shooting Star event. This event features 20,000 in starting chip and has an option $2,000 add-on for 20,000 additional chips. Levels are 20 minutes, and registration is open until the start of level 7.